Elsa Cross Biography, Age, Career, Relationship, Blog and Much More

Elsa Cross Biography

Elsa Cross is a well-known US History blog writer who was born in Nevada, on November 27, 1977 (45 years old), and is currently living with her family in Arizona.

She worked as a college professor at Arizona State University but resigned in order to raise her two kids. She didn’t want to totally forget about her fifteen years of teaching career and started her own blog on American history in 2015.

It has become very popular among American and foreign students thanks to her fascinating and easy-to-read articles about major events and famous personas in US history.

Elsa Cross Family

At the moment, Elsa, her husband Mitchell, and two kids – Julie and Luke – live in Arizona. She married her husband in 2007, and their kids were born in 2009 and 2013.

Her parents live in Nevada as well as her younger brother Tim.

Elsa Cross Education and Career

Elsa graduated from Incline High School (Incline Village, Nevada) in 1995 and entered Arizona State University. She majored in History, but she also took courses in Philosophy and Politology. Later, she defended her Ph.D. dissertation while teaching History in Legacy Traditional School.

She also worked as a professor assistant at Arizona State University to get more teaching experience with college students. She became an Associate Professor at the same university at the age of 38. She has helped hundreds of students on their academic paths and has been a great mentor for younger colleagues.

But in 2015, she decided to resign to become a stay-at-home mom, as she wanted to spend more time with her two kids. She didn’t want all her knowledge of history and experience to go to waste. That’s why she started her blog on US history the same year.

Elsa Cross Blog

In 2015, Elsa started her blog as a hobby and a way to keep her mind working. However, it got very popular among students of her alma mater first, and then the word spread through social media.

At the moment, her blog has 50,000 readers monthly, and this number is only getting higher. Her articles are frequently cited in the media. They’re helpful for younger people or adults who want to learn more about American history and look at familiar things from a fresh perspective.

Besides, Elsa has a great sense of humor so you won’t get bored during reading one of her pieces.

Her most popular articles on the blog are the following:

  • A Fresh Look On Cold War: Reasons and Consequences
  • Top 5 US Presidents of All Time
  • Benjamin Franklin Autobiography: What Can We Learn From It?
  • Mother’s Day: True History of the National Holiday
  • US Railway: Dark Secrets and Bloody History
  • What Is Wrong With Columbus Day?
  • What Is the Historical Background Of the US Gun Policy?
  • Can the Great Depression happen again?
  • The Alaska Purchase: History, Facts, Aftermath
  • How the United States Stole Mexican Territory
  • American Shopping Addiction: What Is the History Behind It?
  • The Shaping of American Culture: Major Facts and Events

As you can see, some of her articles are on sensitive topics, and that’s what makes them interesting for large audiences. At the moment, she manages to earn around $10,000 monthly from advertising on her blog.

Elsa Cross Interests and Hobbies

Although Elsa’s expertise is focused on American history, she is also interested in other social sciences like anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology, and economics.

One of her unusual hobbies is cooking according to vintage American recipes. She shares recipes and photos of prepared dishes on her Instagram.

In her free time, she also writes blog articles ​​for essay writing service SuperiorPapers. She has vast experience in academic writing and is ready to share it with students.

One of her goals is to visit all fifty US states to learn more about local history in each region. Elsa enjoys these trips with her family and frequently shares her experiences in her blog articles.

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