Best Anime Movies to Watch on Hulu

Hulu is an American subscription streaming service owned majorly by The Walt Disney Company, while NBC Universal also holds some of its shares. It was launched in October 2007 and is famous for its library of TV shows and movies, including 20th Century Studios, Disney Television Studios, FX Networks as well as Hulu original programming.

If you are tired of regular shows and movies and want something different to watch, anime movies are a good option. Anime movies are fun, light-hearted, and feel-good. And Hulu offers its viewers the option to view the best anime movies of all time.

So, if you haven’t subscribed to the service yet, we definitely recommend doing that right away. Hulu offers different plans with prices starting from $6.99 a month. You don’t need any cable TV subscription, and all you require is a stable internet service. For that, we suggest Spectrum Internet® as it offers a reliable, superfast service perfect for streaming at HD.

And if you are wondering what great anime movies you can watch on Hulu, here are some of our top

1. Akira (1988)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk action

Akira is a 1988 Japanese animated Sci-Fi/ cyberpunk action film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and inspired by his 1982 manga of the same title. The story deals with the socio-economic impacts of war and the danger of atomic power in Japan and is presented as one of the classic plotlines of Modern Sci-Fi, the emergence and rise of superhumans.

Akira is one of the masterpieces created by legendary Japanese filmmakers and marks the boom of anime in the English language. The movie has all the elements of a movie paragon, including spectacular animation that has aged pretty well, an outstanding storyline, a perfectly crafted script, and well-developed characters. So whether you are already an anime fan or not, this movie is definitely going to be one of your favorites in the sci-fi genre.

2. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)

Genre: Action

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is an original story featuring the characters of Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga series. The story takes place between seasons two and three of the My Hero Academia series, where All Might travels to the moving city of “I” island in his mission to defeat the villain who has taken over the entire island. The storyline is interesting, and the characters are all well-defined and unique in terms of their powers, personality, and appearance. The recommended age group for this movie are 11-18 years old teenagers, and we are sure even if you aren’t already an anime fan or are just thinking of getting started, you will fall in love with the Japanese animation after watching this movie.

3. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (2019)

Genre: Action

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is a Japanese animated superhero film based on an original story featuring the characters of My Hero Academia manga series by Kōhei Horikoshi. The film delivers exactly what a fan of My Hero Academia might expect- loads of action, humor, and drama. The plot checks all the marks of great storytelling, and the characters are all interesting in their own ways, as usual.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is well worth watching in every aspect; it will not leave you bored but entertained, pumped up, and emotional. To fully experience the movie and understand the story, we recommend watching the series or reading the manga beforehand.

4. Ninja Scroll

Genre: Action

If you crave the 90’s aesthetic and the nostalgia it gives, then Ninja Scroll is the movie for you. Written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri this 1993 Japanese animated jidaigeki-chanbara film showcases an unmatched art style, a storyline that is evergreen, and aesthetics that are everlasting in our hearts. It has been praised for its visuals and action scenes that have influenced most of the anime films ever made.

Ninja Scroll, alongside Akira and Ghost in the Shell, is considered to be the reason for the rise in the popularity of adult-oriented anime outside of Japan. The plot revolves around Kibagami Jubei, a mercenary swordsman, and his battle against the Eight Devils of Kimon, a team of ninjas with supernatural powers planning on overthrowing the Tokugawa shogunate. The story takes place in feudal Japan and thus tries to tie in the Japanese culture which looks pretty pleasing. Overall, Ninja Scroll is a great anime that will keep you glued to your seat till the end.

5. Spirited Away

Genre: Fantasy/ Adventure

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001) is a work of art that we think no one should miss. The movie has all the characteristics of a hallmark including spectacular animation, a storyline that will indulge you and leave you excited about the character's life, and unmatched aesthetics. Studio Ghibli has never failed in impressing us with its outstanding production and this one is another of its legendary works. The story of a young girl lost in a fantasy world of beasts and superhumans in search of her parents conveys a message about the wonders of helping each other, whether your friends or strangers. It is definitely a must-watch for everyone

To Wrap Up

Hulu has never failed to impress us with some of the best shows and movies of all time. If you are craving some light-hearted entertainment, the anime we listed in this article are the perfect choice for you. So grab some popcorn and start watching one of these movies for a fun time.

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